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About Fast Track Preparation

FTP was founded with the sole purpose of providing the essential services needed in order to navigate, prepare and follow through with the Federal Student Loan documentation process.

Our Mission

“To provide every client superior service, unparalleled care and an effective solution for their Student Loan Document Processing!”
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Our Service

We offer options to those in need of help navigating the Student Loan Documentation Process. Our team of highly trained and professional customer service representatives are here to help you identify which programs are available to you. We provide Federal Student Loan Application document preparation assistance, consulting and tracking services to those seeking student loan repayment options. If you choose to apply for Federal Student Loan repayment options, we are so confident in our processing department that we have a 100% Guarantee*.

This service was designed to take the burden off of you and allow our service staff to work with you to identify the program that you qualify for and then accurately prepare and track the documents necessary. *If the DOE fails to approve your repayment assistance application due to our error, FTP will refund 100% of the service charged for the preparation of your documents. Money back guarantee is subject to you providing FTP with accurate and true information.

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Debt Forgiveness Program Options: Get Help with Student Loan Repayment Options

Are you investigating options for debt relief programs, such as those that offer student loan forgiveness? It can feel like a labyrinth to navigate all of the options in the area of federal student loan forgiveness. And once you have the right option, navigating the application and documentation process can be even more daunting. That’s where Fast Track Preparation comes in.

At Fast Track Preparation, we make the documentation process simple. We are document preparation experts who can help those interested in student debt forgiveness program options.

Get Help with documentation for debt forgiveness program options including:

We have expertise in documentation for student loan forgiveness for teachers , student loan forgiveness for nurses, student loan forgiveness for disabled individuals, and more.

Approval of student debt consolidation and forgiveness plans is contingent on a number of different factors, but working with us can ensure that your paperwork is 100% in order.

In fact, if your application is declined due to paperwork completion errors when you’ve had us complete that paperwork on your behalf, we will provide you with a refund* (talk to us for details on our guarantee).

Work with Fast Track Preparation Document Processing Services

While you can apply for loan relief on your own, our services are designed to ensure that your documentation meets the requirements so that you can maximize your chances of approval.

Are you ready to review your options? Fast Track Preparation document processing services is available to answer your questions and help you navigate the complexities of federal student loan documentation. Get help with default payment scenarios, garnishment, collections, and tax offsets.

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